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Let’s get funky!

If you want to have more fun and playful in your yoga sequence,

this short videos around 7 to 12 mins included warm up,


What is funky style?

When i am in yoga class, my yoga teacher tell me, i can do an optional for my pose,

I always love to try all different kinds of variations, because it's so fun.


Are you ready for F U N ….K Y?

Yes, why not? because is fun and find your creative, also understand more our body structure.

Variations is not bring you difficult, it help strengthen and get more mobility.

Let's get something unique and even build the impression in your instagram.


Who is suitable for this funky class?

~If traditional yoga class is too boring for you.

~Looking for more fun yoga sequences.

~Make your instagram more interesting.

~Yoga teacher looking for fun sequence for your own class.

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