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Yoga is more than the physical asanas (poses) we have come to know, it includes pranayama (breathing), meditation and relaxation. The true meaning of yoga is "union" with the Divine.

Mood Enhancer

Yoga is a body and mind practice and helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate. It has a positive effect on mood and relieves anxiety.

Improves Flexibility

Yoga helps to improve your flexibility. When we doing yoga poses, you stretch your muscles and increase your range of movement.

Breathe More Effectively

Yoga gives you the opportunity to breathe more effectively by using the diaphragm and whole lung capacity. You will also be able to strengthen your heart, reducing the risk for cardiovascular-related diseases.

Correct Posture & Muscles Strength

Yoga can improve posture imbalance. It is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself during your yoga session.

Heals Neck, Shoulders, Back and Hip Problems

Yoga eases tension in the spinal cord , shoulders and hip joint, helping you feel better and relieving back, neck, shoulder and hip pain.


Yoga is all-natural anti-aging. From forward bending or inversion poses you can improves the circulation of blood. As the body ages, the joints need to be pushed to maintain mobility. The muscles need to be worked to maintain proper alignment and the discs need to be hydrated to minimize deterioration.

Improves Balance

When your flexibility improves, so does your balance. This also happens when your muscles get stronger. Having a good balance will limit your chances of falls and slips during daily tasks.

Aids Digestion

The different types of stretches and movements help improve the digestive system, thus helping in healing various digestion-related issues, including constipation and indigestion.

If you are intimidated, don’t worry. You can find a beginner-friendly class that focuses on your skill level. Be open and express your concerns. I'll be able to guide you on this new adventure! 

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