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Light And Airy Lightroom Preset - Mobile

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Hello everyone!

How is your yoga practice?

Are you also looking at ways to increase the number of followers on your IG. The quality of your photos with the right preset and consistency of your feed will make a big difference.

When I started using my presets, my numbers of followers increased 10 times, from 1,000 to 10,000 in just a few weeks.

If like me, you mostly take your photos indoor, this preset is for you. Quite often, when taking indoor shot the subject is too dark and background too bright. This preset provides the best balance for your photos and will help bringing your IG to the next level with airy mood and dreamy color.

more examples below:-

Stop searching a solutions for editing your photos, try this Free Light And Airy Lightroom Preset and enjoy the fairy tale look of your images.


  1. After purchase you will receive a *.dng file. Save the image directly to your photo album.

2. Open Lightroom mobile application, click "add image" button, then click "From Camera Roll" and select the *.DNG file you just saved from the email.

3. Now save your preset setting by click on the right top corner circle with three dots, then click "Create Preset", after input a preset name then click done.

4. Open a photo file you want to apply the preset setting, click Presets on the bottom (you may have to scroll all the way to right side, if you don't see the option), then select the preset you just saved.

This is a game changer for your IG to tune your photo in one go, after you apply your preset you still can fine tune a little in the setting as you like!

Keep your IG in style........More Reach. More Engagement. More Follower.:)

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